We supply window tension tools, balance identification and window replacement parts with nationwide shipping via USPS priority mail.

Window tension tools

Our tension tool products

Tilt tension tools, non tilt tension tools and our heavy duty tension tools will assist you with tightening and loosing the tension on your spiral balance rods for your home or business windows.

Glass caliper tools

Our glass caliper products

Our glass caliper tool will assist you in measuring your window glass thickness this is an easy to use device for both single pane and double glazed units which is designed for both vinyl and aluminum framed windows and doors.

Window balance identification

Our window balance services

Not sure of the type of balance you have or what type of tool you need? Simply take quality pictures of your window balance to send them in and we will assist you.

Window part identification

Window hardware identification services

Maybe you need a new balance, sash cam or window latch and are not sure on the type or model? No problem, we ship window replacement parts out nationwide from our warehouse you can just send us in some photos and we will assist you.

Submit window parts

Submit your window hardware parts to be identified by us.

Submit hardware